Dear friends and lovers of the dance art, pedagogues, dance masters, choreographers and theatre dance experimental groups,

in the first place both I and the whole team of organizers thank you for participation in past editions and for your contribution to the world of dance - not only to the area of dance art, but also for friendship among young people from all around the world.

With great pleasure we look forward to your participation in a unique event itself, – in the XXI. Edition of the international dance festival NEW PRAGUE DANCE FESTIVAL and COMPETITION 2017, which is a major and unique proof of the fact that every year the dance lovers from all over the world meet in the golden capital and cultural centre par excellence: PRAGUE.

Participants: YOU and DANCE – classic, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, folk; choreography and all forms of performance concerning the dance art.

Participants will be able to use a theatre platform for showing their choreography – performances and creations, dramatic dance and shows competing for prizes in various categories: classic dance, modern dance, jazz - hip hop, folk, Latino dance, choreography, dramatic dance, pedagogy, dance talents, Flower Bud, costumes, Prix New Stage, Dancing Hand, GRISHKO International AWARD (an award of our partner in the value of 1000 EUR), Junior GRAND PRIX (with a financial gift of 500 EUR), and finally the unique crystal main prize New Prague Dance Festival GRAND PRIX for the best group (with a financial gift of 1000 EUR), which shall be awarded by a jury consisting of members of the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Faculty of Dance, Charles University, Czech Culture, National Theatre Ballet in Prague and international members: (Stuttgart Ballet, Grand Ballet Genéve, Bolshoi Theatre Moscow, Kasay Dancing Company).

The Festival/Competition is open to private and amateur dance schools, groups and institutions without age limitation, as the purpose of the festival is to provide all participants with a unique opportunity of experiences charged with emotions in the magical atmosphere of this beautiful city in an ambience of art and friendship among all those who live on love of dance and believe in joy the dance art offers.

632 groups among schools, organisations, artistic associations and dance universities from all over the world, 8640 dancers, 1880 choreographies participated in past festivals, presented their choreographic and artistic creativity and many of them with enthusiasm celebrated again after a number of years new success after their return to our magical capital city and our festival with many new ideas, again ready to meet and measure up with new friends and dancers. During the big international dance festival when all participants presented their cultures in front of a warm-hearted audience and official representatives of guest country embassies at a festival, which in its NEW FORM takes place, inter alia, under the sponsorship of the Italian Embassy, Japanese Embassy, in co-operation with the Prague National Theatre Ballet, the City of Prague and the general partner – the GRISHKO - Dance Wear Company, a leader in the field.

We realise the importance and honour of your participation and we are very glad about it and extremely proud: our organisation created a careful and rich artistic-cultural and tourist program, within the frame of which you will be provided maximum and careful assistance of our colleagues (interpreters – guides with extensive experience from previous years), pedagogues and the technical support staff.

Moreover, this dance meeting is the only original international meeting among the World of amateur dance to be organised by a unique team of professionals who respect true lovers of the dance art, as "without authenticity there is no point in dancing".

We look forward to see you and your artistic work in the heart of Europe, in the unique atmosphere of Prague.

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